Last week Sharknado was all the rage on social media as the SyFy channel premiered the over-the-top B-movie on July 11th.

The basis of the movie was a "freak" hurricane hitting the coast of California. In the wake of the storms, Sharks began to infest the coastal towns and neighborhoods as flood waters raised. Shortly after the Sharks began their attack on the coast, Shark infested tornadoes began to whirl through the cities dumping said Sharks on innocent victims of the storm.

Sounds pretty far fetched, right? You should have seen the acting in it.

What's even more far fetched is that Consumer Reports reached out to the Insurance Information Institute to see what insurance companies would have done if such a thing occurred.

Mike Barry, VP Media Relations, claims

A tornado is a wind event. A falling shark likely would be covered under homeowners insurance as a falling object.

That's not all, Car Insurance would have you covered too as long as you have comprehensive coverage. Health Insurance would help you out in the case of missing limbs, injuries, etc from said "falling sharks".

Yep, you're covered in the event of a Sharknado.