James Grant is a medical student in New Zealand. While on his down time, James enjoys spear-fishing and hitting up the local pub with his friends. James won't let sharks interfere with his past times.

Recently while out spear-fishing James thought he was a victim to a juvenile prank when he felt a tug on his leg. He quickly realized wasn't being tugged by one of his buddies, but gnawed on by a shark. James felt more inconvenienced than afraid of the shark.

"Bugger, now I have to try and get this thing off my leg," he thought to himself just before stabbing the shark in the head.

After the tussle, James swam back to shore where is car was. Inside of James's car is a First Aid kit that he keeps in there for his pig hunts. After using the First Aid kit to stitch himself up, James headed to the bar to have a pint with some friends.

There was one little problem: the pub was unhappy with James for bleeding on their floor so they gave him some gauze to put over his stitches.