Ever been to a mall where they have an aquarium of some sort? The mall is so proud of it as an attraction and bask in it's glory. Heck, even certain hotels in Vegas have them in the lobby. On such aquarium at a mall in China burst open during a busy holiday rush, injury many.

 The 33-tone tank suddenly exploded onto a crowd of lookers leaving 15 injured at the Orient shopping mall in Shanghai, China. Many taken to the hospital with deep cuts.

Video shows the crowds running, trying to avoid the flying glass and various aquarium life in the torrent of water pouring out. One witness "It was horrible, like a bomb explosion. People were pushed two meters away by the force of the water."

A policeman said of the incident "There were lots of injuries caused by flying glass, some of them serious because the glass was so thick. We are investigating what caused this." Suggestions say the sudden drop in temperature across the city may be to be blame.


(Metro UK)