I'm back with a fresh and new work-out playlist for the month of September. Tons of new songs came out this summer, along with concerts that brought back past favorite hits. Blink 182 entered my playlist after I saw them at SPAC this past Friday with their upbeat tunes, along with Pop Evil after I saw them live for the first time ever at Jillian's in Albany. I'm also really excited about seeing Rise Against at Northern Lights on the 28th. Listen to my playlist and add it to your work-out tunes!

  1. "That Fire" - Black Tide
  2. "Savior" - Rise Against
  3. "Don't Ever Leave" - Smile Empty Soul
  4. "Under and Over It" - Five Finger Death Punch
  5. "Always"  - Blink 182
  6. "War" - Sick Puppies
  7. "Last Man Standing" - Pop Evil
  8. "Speak" Godsmack
  9. "Like I Roll" - Black Stone Cherry
  10. "Uprising" - Muse