Over the summer, local band Selfish Needy Creatures competed in the Play for the Stage contest, where a dozen bands performed over a span of three weeks, aiming at the shot of a lifetime- to open up for Godsmack at our Q-Ruption show. The quartet became finalists and ultimately won, and put on a great performance. Now, two months later, their 15 minutes of fame, literally, have made a big difference in their success as a band. Read on to see what the opportunity has done for them.

I got to talk with the frontman (Vegas), guitarist (Karl) and drummer (Chris) of Selfish Needy Creatures, and each discussed a different aspect of the band, as well as the band as a whole.

How did the whole Play for the Stage process go for you and the band? What was it like when you won?

VEGAS: "The Play for the Stage process for Q-Ruption was actually a bit stressful! When the finalists were announced, and we were actually amongst four other bands who were all fighting for the last finalist spot, it was rough because we had to get all our fans to vote all over again but most were confused because they already voted etc - then when we won that battle, we had to go up against bands who had weeks to promote and prepare for the live portion of the process - we had three days or something like that to promote so it was a challenge!"

"When we were announced as the winner to open Q-Ruption we were ecstatic!! I've played SPAC before

 and it's such a great venue to play at, and I really wanted the rest of SNC to experience it - so when we won this weight was instantly lifted and celebrating (which is a specialty of mine!) started immediately!"

How did Q-Ruption go? Since then, have you noticed a boost in friends, popularity, etc? Do you think Q-Ruption helped in getting your band noticed and out there more?

VEGAS: "Q-Ruption was incredible!! First of all a sincere thank you to everyone at Q103! The entire staff is pro and great people!! And everyone at SPAC, Live Nation, and all the bands we played with were top notch! It was truly a rock n' roll blessing"'

"SNC has definitely noticed a huge jump in fan base! Since Q-Ruption, we've done shows in CT, Poughkeepsie, MA, etc and every time, someone comes up to us at a show at least once and says they saw us open for Godsmack and they had to see us again so that's huge for us!"

"Q-Ruption was a perfect fit for SNC - when you are playing on a stage the size of SPAC - you can easily get intimidated or you can get out there and kill it, which in my opinion we did and proved to every one that we belong on those types of shows/venues!"

How did your recent show at the Chance with Mushroomhead go? What were the highlights of the night? Downfalls?

CHRIS: "The show at the Chance went great. We were scheduled to play the main stage with Mushroomhead, Otep and a couple of others, but at the last minute right before doors opened, they asked us to play upstairs on the second stage since one of the bands scheduled to play up there had cancelled (van broke down). So we were more than willing to help the club out. The upstairs stage was a lot of fun, more intimate than downstairs, yet we still had a great crowd with great response from them. We look forward to our next show at the Chance on November 17."

Does the band enjoy traveling and being part of a big show, or would you guys rather be the headliners at a smaller show?

 CHRIS: "I think for us both would be good answers. We definitely enjoy the bigger shows . When we played SPAC with Q-Ruption this summer, it was amazing , the bands of the show, the response from the crowd, the sheer size of the crowd. Yet it's quite amazing to play a smaller venue like Bogies in Albany for a couple of hundred fans and see them totally into it. As long as we're playing and having a good time, that is all that matters."

Who has been the groups favorite band to tour/perform with? Why?

CHRIS: "For me, since I've been in the band a year now, my favorite show that we've played, besides Q-Ruption, has to be Nonpoint down in Sarasota, Florida. The reason why was that with the tour down there, I think as a band it was a great bonding experience, and Nonpoint were awesome guys. That's not

 always the case, as we played over the summer with a newer, bigger band, and they had wicked attitudes, which really turned me off to them as musicians."

The band is all about rock n' roll and appreciation of the music. What have been some of the best moments for SNC?

KARL: "I'd have to say that the best times for us have been when we are on stage. It could be anywhere, it doesn't have to be a big stage or a huge show to make it fun. The best times are when the band is together and tight and it's really cookin' you know? Then you look out at the people in the crowd and you realize that they are having as much fun as you are. That's the best feeling in the world! That's what I live for. Sometimes it doesn't happen every night or for even a whole show, but those moments that come are worth every moment of practice and sweating and hauling your heavy guitar amps around."

Besides rock n' roll, what else is the band passionate about? What else do you guys hope to achieve together?

KARL: "Besides my passion for music, I have a huge outdoor side that not many people know about. I'm really into back country telemark skiing and ski-mountaineering,backpacking and camping on top of mountains, or canoeing across a desolate lake is my idea of a good time. Chances are that's where you will find me (if you can!) when I'm not on stage."

"As a guitarist, my hope has always been to spark the desire to play music in others- to inspire someone to pick up an instrument and rock from the heart, just like my heroes did for me. As far as what the band can achieve together? Well, I'd like to see us play Madison Square Garden. I mean, hey why not, we already played SPAC!" [Laughs]

I have grown close to SNC over the past few months, and all of their fame and success is well-deserved. I'm glad that their gig at our Q-Ruption concert back in August has made their career really take off, and they will probably only continue to get bigger and better!

Don't forget- "rock n' roll will save you soul!"