Last night, Bulletproof Messenger, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and ultra-popular headliners Seether put on a great show at Northern Lights in Clifton Park. It was packed, but not sold out, and the crowd was surprisingly tame. I'm used to insanely brutal metal crowds, so it was nice to see a group of people who don't want to kill each other. All three bands did a fantastic job, and even though I wasn't originally supposed to work it, I'm so glad I was there!

First up was New York City sextet Bulletproof Messenger, whose manager happens to be our very own Nick Lee, who does an awesome job with the station's photography and video.  He has a hectic life but still finds time to manage the band, and from where we were hanging out outside it looked and sounded like they put on a great show!

Jacksonville Florida quintet Red Jumpsuit Apparatus were the second band. It's been years since they were in the

area last, so it was awesome to see them perform again. Before the show the band visited the Q103 studio for an interview and acoustic performance of "Face Down," which you can hear on the linked blog.

The band have released a couple of new albums since the last time I saw them live, but I'm a die hard old school RJA fan, and I was so thrilled that they sang a mostly songs off of their album, Don't You Fake It. Old songs performed include: "Don't you Fake it," "Guardian Angel," "False Pretense" (the crowd chose this when given a choice of it or "You Better Pray"), "Grim Goodbye" and "Face Down," which was/is perhaps the most popular and most played song on the radio when it was released. They also sang a few new songs, including "Choke" and "Reap." They have come a long way since the last time I saw them, and they were spot on and sounded amazing. I especially loved the RJA skulls on their stage equipment!

Right before headliners Seether came on, Rob, Nikki and I introduced the band on stage and took a picture of the crowd, which will hopefully be posted soon so you can all tag yourselves!

Earlier in the day, Seether was at FYE in Crossgates Mall doing a CD signing and appearance. I wasn't able to go to this, but I think it is so awesome when a band will go to such a public place where they will be known just to meet fans and sign a few CD's. The smallest gesture can mean the world to a fan, and I'm sure all of theirs who were able to make it were greatly appreciative; I know I would be!

South African trio Seether then took the stage, which was set up very nicely: red Christmas lights were strung around each mic stand as well as all around the platform that raised up the drummer/drums. Two huge (the biggest I have ever seen) amps were on either side of the stage, one Mesa brand and one Hartke. Next to each amp were a handful of televisions of all sizes, some placed vertically and the rest horizontally. They showed a bunch of images on repeat, including scary clown faces, beat up dolls, doll eyes and distorted images and lines that reminded me of The Ring and also of the music video for Slipknot's "Vermillion." It sounds weird I know but there were images of hands and such that looked like they were made from the girl in the video. I guess you have to see it to get the idea.

Besides the little red-stringed lights, the overhead lights ranged from red to orange and white, which matched the

orange and yellow drums. The whole stage was just set so nicely and it had such a somber, homey feel to it, like that's what makes Seether feel at home. It was like they wrote a book in musical form with their songs as the words from the time they went on until the time they finished.

I was again able to get a copy of Seether's set list. They played an impressive 15-song set that lasted about an hour and a half. Their set list was: "Gasoline," "Needles," "Pig," "Fine Again," "Driven Under," "Broken," "Hump4Phree," "Burrito," "Fur Cue," "Breakdown," "Country Song," "Rise Above This," "Fake It" and "Remedy." I have always loved the song "Driven Under" but I never had any idea who sang it, so it was such a good surprise when I heard it. They also did a cover of one of their most inspirational bands, Nirvana. They performed their hit single "Heart-Shaped Box." I have heard lots of covers from many bands, but I have to say that this was one of the closest, most amazing covers I've ever heard. Some bands put their own spin on covers, but Seether performed it just like Nirvana did, and frontman Shaun Morgan could've vocally passed for the late Kurt Cobain (RIP)- that's how amazing and similar they sounded, and the crowd loved it.

Now I've never been a huge Seether fan, but I knew I was in for a treat when I got to Lights. The band didn't move around too much, and they weren't too interactive with the crowd, but that was just their personality. Morgan went from one song to the next with hardly any breaks or anything, but you have to remember there's only three people in the band. Morgan mastered vocals and lead guitar, which I think is insanely hard to do, so it would have been almost too much if he was overly energetic or talkative with the crowd, because he was so focused on the music and playing perfectly, which they all did. Every song, especially the acoustic ones, just all sounded so beautiful and melodic.

I took note of the acoustic guitar, because it was mounted on a stand, along with a pillow pet! It was so cute and I loved that it was on his stand. I of course took a picture of it (seen below)! I also took note of Seether's sound guy- the one who gave me the set list. He was awesome- tuning each guitar to perfection before being used, turning pedals on and off and even lighting cigarettes for bassist Dale Stewart. I watched him a lot because he was just so dedicated to his band and I thought it was so awesome of him to do everything he could for them.

The show did include a couple of solos, including one by drummer John Humphrey after "Broken" and one by Morgan

during their last song, "Remedy." They definitely wanted to go out with a bang, and they did. The crowd chanted for an encore, but I thought that 15 songs was very generous. I give Seether a lot of credit- they put on a great show, and this is coming from a girl whose heart belongs to metal.

The place was packed, but the crowd was super tame. Only a couple people crowd surfed, but I get the impression that's what a Seether show is about- no pushing and shoving, no time wasted on crowd antics, just a group of Seether lovers getting along, getting together and singing the songs they love along with the band they love. No BS, just pure music, joy and love- exactly the way it should be.

As I drove home, the Seether Gods wanted to remind me of the show I just witnessed, as "Fake It" came on the radio. Coincidence? I think not.

Were you at the show? What did you think?