When asked in a recent interview if he had once piece of advice for his younger self Sebastian Bach had one answer, "Don't cheat on the ones you love."

Sebastian Bach recently sat down with Maximum Metal for an interview.  They talked about his new album Kicking & Screaming , who his favorite artists are and also got a little deep when talking about his younger self.   Maximum Metal asked him that if he could go back and talk to his 18 year old self, what's one piece of advice you would give him?  His answer was pretty simple:

Wow, that's a tough question... There is an obvious answer. Don't cheat on the one you love.When you're young and dumb and full of cum, you don't think about love, but as you get older, love becomes extremely important... From the older to the younger, I would say, Love is precious and rare, and it should be cherished.

Bach's latest album, Kicking & Screaming came out back in September and features the single of the same name.  You can check out the complete interview with Sebastian Bach on the Maximum Metal website.