I’ve said many times before how I could easily beat up an 11 year-old, but after reading this story I’m starting to believe it might be easier than I originally thought.

According to a story by Seattle PI, Phoenix Jones a all out social weirdo and real life super hero was speaking at a Jewish day school and challenged a young boy to punch him in his armor. Normally asking a small child to touch your armor gets you a visit from Chris Hanson on MSNBC, however not Phoenix Jones.

After this pussy kid attempted to get out of line and punch this superhero, he soon found his armor impenetrable. He learned this because he broke his hand! Again, what a pussy!

I knew I could take on an 11 year-old in a fight, but now I know I don’t even have to swing to win. I could just let them punch my huge muscles and they will hurt them selves.

Bottom line: Phoenix Jones was right to do this in front of a crowd of school children. Now every 11 year-old criminal out there will think twice before committing any crime! Message received!