Yesterday I saw an article that said a 'sea monster' had washed up on a Chinese beach.  So my dork factor was like "cool", but my inquisitive side said there had to be more to it. So naturally when I see a headline that reads 'Sea Monster' Washes Up In China, I was automatically curious.  I really wanted to believe that what I was seeing was a part of a monster of the deep.  Some missing creature that has been living in caves deep within the ocean, only surfacing now.  The tales of sailors for years talked of sea monsters. In fact the very myth of a giant squid was thought to be fiction for a long time until scientists found one.  So could this sea monster be the real deal?

If you check out the article I was reading here, you'll be able to see the picture of the 55 foot mystery beast.   I would love to be able to post the photo here for you, but I guess the Chinese are being pretty secretive about the whole thing.  The reason why may be that their 'sea monster' is in fact, just a whale.

I followed up finding with a bit more searching and found another article from MSNBC and they went ahead and showed the photo to some marine biologists and guess what.  Turns out they all agree that it looks like a whale.  They did however agree that a whale carcass washing up on the Chinese shore is very rare, so they hope that someone takes a sample of bone and tissue for some genetic analysis.  Stupid science, always ruining all the fun.

I know you guys probably want to see a monster, so here is a montage of Godzilla destroying some stuff set to the Blue Oyster Cult song of the same name.