At last the children of our country are getting into the hevy stuff you find at the bottom of your Halloween candy. A new trend in schools has kids crushing Smarties and snorting them. This is by far the worst way to spend snake time ever!

“Snorting Smarties has become such a problem that a school in Rhode Island had to send a not-so-sweet  letter to parents notifying them of the dangers associated with the practice. The worst part? Side effects of snorting Smarties include nasal scarring and lung infections and can even cause maggots to nest in a person’s nose.” - blog.trutv

My guess is once kids see this letter the problem is only going to get worse. I know if I was still in school and I saw this letter I would be so jazzed to try something new. I thought Smarties up the nose was a cool idea, but just wait until I snort some maggots!