Once I walked across that stage and received my bachelor’s degree I never imaged wanting to go back to school. However, once I heard that there will be a “School of Sex” opening, my goals in life suddenly changed!

According to Austrian weekly News the Austrian International School of Sex (AISOS) in Vienna, will open its doors to students in mid-December. The school will offer five basic courses, as well as intensive courses (Giggity) and weekend seminars for those who feel they need extra tuition (Do I have to graduate?). The school will have a focused curriculum which includes historical and modern sexual theory, the emphasis is on becoming a better lover. The AISOS disciplines are Sexual positions, caressing techniques, anatomical features and they will teach you hands on. So yes, it’s as good as it sounds!

The minimum age to enroll at the school is sixteen however; we can only assume the majority will be fat middle aged hairy men. But that’s not going to ruin my dreams of being Summa CUM  laude of this new school!