Remember on Saturday mornings when you would be watching your favorite cartoons then in between you would get a quick lesson.  Only they were so good you wouldn't even know you were learning!

Thank god for Schoolhouse Rock.  It is probably one of the main reasons that I know some of the stuff that I know. Who would think that in the middle of eating a bowl of corn pops and watching Bugs Bunny I would retain a little information.  Whether it was history, math, english, that doesn't matter, the point is it was a fun easy way to get kids to learn things. It's a shame that it's no longer on the air anymore.  It ran from 1973-2009.  Thanks to this modern era though, you can own them all!  You can find anything on Amazon, including these.  So awesome.

Now we all probably have a favorite edition of the show.  Who can forget that bill sitting on Capital Hill?  Conjunction- Junction, My Hero Zero, The Shot Heard Round The World and so many more. A very ingenious idea.  Catchy songs that get in your head that are actually information that is helpful.  Personally my favorite one will always be the bill one, but I love them all.

How a Bill becomes a Law

Shot Heard Round The World

You can check out so many more of these right on Youtube. Brings back some great memories.