This video is awesome. I was involved in band in middle school, but lost interest soley because the genre of music did not pertain to me. I didn't want to perform classical music all the time. To me, that's dry and boring. I understand the reasoning behind it, but adding a little modern music into the mix would have kept my interest.

Music performed today is just as important as music in the past. Like in many art forms, new boundaries are always being tested. So why not pay tribute to the ones that are important to our modern history too?

Incorporating all genres of music would have certainly kept my interest, and possibly several other students. I'm not a major fan of Glee, but it demonstrates this concept perfectly. It involves several genres of music, and the show is a hit. I'm guilty of getting caught up into Glee one time, and I found myself watching the show after the Superbowl. They were dressed up as zombies performing "Thriller" by Michael Jackson. Oh my gosh, I love zombie movies and I love "Thriller."

If more students were interested, wouldn't you think the schools would start to bring more funding to the arts?