Thirty five-year-old Mark Dallas, or as he is known on the mean streets of Jefferson, NY, “Samurai Jack,” was arrested after he had seriously injured a woman and a dog with his sword, police said. It is unclear if this is the result of your classic case of crazy or a game of real-life Fruit Ninja gone horribly wrong.

“The woman was taken to Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown and the dog was taken to an emergency vet clinic. Both are expected to survive.

Dallas now faces a number of charges including assault, aggravated cruelty to animals, and child endangerment.” –YNN

Knowing this man is behind bars is still not enough for me to rest easy. I’m happy that the woman and dog will survive but I hope they keep a close eye on that Mark fella in jail. Given the opportunity with the flick of his fingers Mark Dallas could disappear in a puff of ninja smoke.