The screening process for people working in schools really needs to be revised. Another person who works with children is in trouble due to not being able to say no to illegal drugs.

The two men pictured above are in some trouble with Schenectady Police. The man on the left, 27 year old Marcus Young, tried to sell illegal drugs. The man next to him, 34 year old Rozell Tolbert, tried purchase said illegal drugs. While trying to buy illegal drugs is enough to get you in trouble, Tolbert may be in more trouble.

Tolbert happens to be a teacher's aide for the Schenectady City school district. While trying to purchase some of the illegal substance, he also had his three year old child in the back seat. Yet another candidate for Father of the year. Not only is Tolbert in trouble for trying to buy drugs, but more seriously he's been charged with endangering the welfare of a child. Protective services has already taken the kid away.

What is wrong with people? Do what you want, but once you have kids, or in this case, work with kids, it's time to grow up. This guy deserves everything coming to him.

[Via Times Union]