There's a reason the NFL has the Ticket Exchange as their official ticket service for fan to fan transactions. If you think for one second that something is too good to be true or even have a remote doubt about a deal - DON'T TAKE IT!

A couple from San Francisco, hoping to see their team play this Sunday in New Orleans,  found a set of 4 tickets to the big game on Craigslist. The price? $5,900 - About double the face value of the tickets.

Text and emails were exchanged with the seller of the tickets. The couple even wired the money across the country to complete the transaction. Several days later a package arrived in the mail with a letter simply saying "Go Ravens." The package even included a fake return address. Was this guy full of himself or what?

The season tickets holders for the 49ers contacted the police on Monday to report the crime. In the mean time, the post on Craigslist was taken down. Police are investigating but for the mean time, the Osgoods are out close to $6,000.