Another scam hit the Capital Region, as an alleged scam artist apparently attempted to get National Grid customers to pay a fake bill over the phone.

The Saratoga County Sheriff's Office is warning residents not to give any information to anyone calling that says they are from National Grid.

The scammers tell the customers that their service will be shut down if they don't pay immediately. The demanded amount varies from $1,200 to $1,500.

One commenter, Mary Ann B. on CBS 6's website got the call and had this to say:

Last week a woman with a very thick accent called me at my home to tell me that we would be getting a rebate from National Grid. She asked me to confirm my name and address and then said she needed my National Grid account number and that she would wait for me to get it. I told her she was not from National Grid and she hung up.

Karen P. also said she gets the call:

I get a call every week. I call them out on the whole scam thing. I get hung up on. I never give anything out...I just mess with them

Don't give out any information to a person calling on the phone claiming to be National Grid. If you have any questions about your payments or bill, call National Grid itself.