Another Albany hangout will be closing it's doors in a few days.  In what seems to be the norm these days, we'll be saying goodbye to Savannah's  on Monday, August 26th. 

Savannah's will be closing it's door on Monday, closing up shop from it's location at the corner of State and Pearl Street.  Unlike other business that fold due to a poor economy or in lieu of the new closing hours, Savannah's issue lies with dispute with the landlord.  According to Steve Barnes of, the landlord "evicted Savannah's for failure to pay rent. The bar won a temporary injunction in April to halt the eviction but was unable to meet terms of the court order and must vacate the premises by Aug. 31."

There has been a bar at Savannah's location for four decades.  Well before the current owners stepped in and created the hot spot we currently call The Dublin Underground.   That tradition is scheduled to change as the land lord plan to build a daycare into the space.

We have happily done a ton of concerts or pre-party events there.  Just another bit of sad news her in Albany.  Tough question to ask, but what do you think will be the next business to leave us will be?