Yes, you read that correctly. This woman from Saratoga either has a problem, or is quite the light weight. She just pulled in her seventh DWI.

Right on the heels of announcing that Phil Winters of Westerlo grabbed his third DWI - and looked damn good doing so - this woman from Saratoga decided to kick it up a notch.

43 year old Sally Grace Longton decided that six DWIs wasn't enough. She had to go for lucky number seven on Saturday night. Congratulations Sally, you got it! No trophy though, just a whole mess of trouble coming your way.

You see kids, Sally has two DWI convictions in the last 10 years. That's a big no,no. Another problem for her is that she's had six since 1995. A pretty impressive record Sally. We wonder what her drink of choice was? Beer? Apple-tini's? Perhaps a good bottle of scotch did the trick.

That denim shirt may be a crime of fashion, but her seven DWIs are absolutely terrible. Let this be a lesson to you kids. Don't wear denim shirts, and this might not happen to you.

[Via WTEN]