When you're young, all you want to do is get your hands on some alcohol.  Some Saratoga teens are finding out that it may come with a very high price.

Who among us can admit to not drinking before you were old enough to? "No one" is the correct answer. New York State has tried their best to crack down on underage drinking, but no matter what you do, it's going to happen. It used to be easy to just take some colored pencils, make a few corrections to your driver's license, and grab the most beer for your buck.  The new driver's licenses, however, make things a bit more difficult for the underage drinker of today.

Some Saratoga teens are in some big time trouble after their fake ID operation got busted up in early March.  The teens were caught sending money overseas in exchange for IDs so good that they would be able to fool even airport security.  11 Saratoga high schoolers were arrested, one student at Skidmore College, some former students, and one father who helped with the operation.  All the kids range in ages from 15 to 19, and a whole slew of other teens from around the area are being looked into for the fraudulent IDs as well.

These kids are not only in trouble now, but the Times Union reports that because they sent their information overseas, it got Interpol involved, and that will make things very difficult for them to get credit, buy homes, or even get jobs in the future.  Saratoga DA James Murphy said it best, "All just to get a beer on Caroline Street".

Who can blame them though?  According to a recent poll we took, Saratoga has the second best nightlife in the Albany area.

[Via The Times Union]