Monday night, the Saratoga Springs City Council held a public hearing on the matter of a new casino within the city.

Though the crowd in attendance was divided, the council unanimously voted against the idea of hosting a new casino.  Which reversed a 2012 resolution passed in December of that year.

Last year, New York voters approved for seven 'Vegas-styles' casinos to built in the state. Four of those will be built in the Upstate area.

The city of Amsterdam voted lasted month that they would put their name 'in the hat' to have one of the new casinos built within their limits. The proposed location would be a 500 acre lot just off the Thruway on Route 30.

The state's Gaming Commission is the one who will decide where the casinos will go and also approve the license for any casino. Saratoga could still end up on the Commission's list that is expect edout later this month for request of license.

So even with the vote of 'no' on a new casino, there is still the possibility of expanding the current Casino & Raceway.