When you are in downtown Saratoga Springs you feel that certain vibe like the city is alive, same thing when visiting Lake George. Both area's are getting recognition in a recent CNN.com article of '5 Hideaway's That Aren't The Hamptons'

No wonder on a Friday afternoon, traffic in the northbound lanes on I-87 are slowly creeping along. Many downstaters are heading north to either Saratoga Springs or Lake George. City dwellers usually take to the Long Island Express Way for the Hamptons but recently have changed directions upstate to the Capital Region.

CNN.com has put Saratoga Springs and Lake George as number 3 and 4 of the best of New Yorks Hideways.

In Saratoga, there is the Saratoga Race Course. Since it's in our backyard we take it for granted but horse racing has been happening there since 1847 and the oldest race in the country 'The Traver's Stakes' is as big as the Kentucky Derby. There is also the Saratoga Performing Arts Center - home to Q-Ruption 2012 and many big name concerts throughout the summer. Saratoga also has some very unique hotels, restaurant and bars that will keep you busy after the track or before a show. There is no place like Caroline Street.

In Lake George, there is the lake itself that is 32 miles long and the water is a crystal clear blue. Take a cruise on the lake aboard cruise ships the Mohican, Minnie Ha-ha or Lac Du Saint Sacrement  Besides the shops and restaurants in Lake George village, there is plenty of history including Fort William Henry and the Sagamore Hotel. Even on rainy days Lake George is a place to visit with the family for a round of mini golf or shopping at the outlets just south of the village on Route 9N.