During a cookout in Saratoga Springs, a man had a part of his ear cut off in an attack that police say was performed by an attacker that knew the victim.

Last night, the victim spent his night at Saratoga Hospital hoping that a surgery to reattach the missing portion of his ear was successful.

Now, I know that these two guys were at a cookout, and that people often run out of food during these sorts of things, but why not just go to the store and get some more hot dogs instead of trying to lop off and grill up your buddy's ear? Believe me, ears are far too gamey tasting to make a move like that worth it.

Or maybe our assailant was trying to impress some chick at the party and, under the influence of a few Bud Light Straw-ber-ritas decided that he wanted to go the Vincent Van Gogh route, without all of the pain and half-deafness of removing his own ear. Unfortunately, his plan to use his friend's instead was foiled when his friend decided, "hey, I don't want you to cut my ear off."

Police are still investigating the incident.