Back in November, New Yorkers approved a law that allows for seven new 'Vegas-style' casinos to be built in the state & possible expansions to those already existing. Saratoga Springs City Council will weigh in tonight on the expansion of the Casino & Raceway.

Four of the 'Vegas-style' casinos are expected to be built in Upstate New York, the city of Amsterdam put themselves in as a possible location for one. With that said, an expansion on the Casino & Raceway would almost be needed in order to compete. The one problem is that over 50% of the voters in Saratoga voted against the law that was passed.

Of course, there are two side of the discussion. Those who approve of it say it will bring more economic growth to the area. While those who oppose it say it will hurt the downtown area and possibly bring more crime.

The meeting starts tonight at 7 PM at the music hall, moved from the council chambers in anticipation of the large turnout.