Those of you who enjoy the delicious taste of Saranac pale ale, you're really going to enjoy the taste of their latest concoction, the White IPA.

If you like a beer that is a little bit bitter, with a touch of sweet, then you are going to love Saranac's White IPA.  It's their latest brew, and it is one of my new favorites.  I happened to walk in on a beer tasting at a local beverage center, and Saranac was there sampling a few beers, including the White IPA.

Not one to pass up a free drink, I decided that since I had already sampled the other beers they had, I would give the White IPA a try.  Matt Brewing company has out done themselves this time.  So how do they give it a sweet taste?  Orange peel and coriander.  Plus they use citra hops, which really round out the flavor.  A new twist on an IPA, and that's why it's our beer of the week.