When it comes to my food, I'm plane kinda guy. In fact, meet and potatoes is what I like to eat most. For Cheesesteaks, this might sacrilegious but, I like just meat and cheese  - no peppers or onions. I know, I get looks when ordering it but I'm glad I never had someone flip out on me for it like at a Subway in Orlando, FL.

The Sandwich "Artist", bless them for allowing to be called that, went on a tangent when a customer asked for ketchup on his cheesesteak.

The customer, Luis Martinez, ordered the sub like he always does - american chesse, onions, and ketchep. The "Artist", Louis Ordone, replied to the costumers request "I've never put ketchup on anybody's".

Ordone says Martinez "mouthed off to him" but Luis denies that. Whoever, what happened next can't be denied anyone involved.

Ordone "flew off the handle" walked out from behind the counter, pushed a chair, and told Luis to "fight light a man" and going as far as blocking him from being able to leave the store.

Martinez called 911, police arrived, and no one as arrested. However, Ordone is now looking for a new thanks to a fight over ketchup. Anger management issues there buddy?