Sammy Hagar is on top of the world right now.  People are loving his new book and he is in a fantastic supergroup, but he recently admitted that sometimes he misses Van Halen.

Sammy Hagar recently admitted to The Pulse Of Radio that even though he is very happy in his current situation, that sometimes he misses being in Van Halen.  He also added that he does not like the guys, but misses what they use to have.

You know, I miss Van Halen. I don't like them fuckers and fuck those guys for what they did to Mikey especially, not me. Unnecessary. Bad guys. But I miss 'em, you know. I miss that musicianship and that creative spark and that friction that made it all work...

-Sammy Hagar

In his new book he throws the Van Halen boys under the bus several times, and why wouldn't he?  They screwed him over twice so there is for sure some hate in his heart, but even Sammy can't deny that when they were all working together that they made some great tunes.