Film commissioner Don Rittner recently confirmed that certain scenes for the new Ryan Gosling movie The Place Beyond the Pines will be filmed right here in Schenectady.

It's always exciting when something this big happensin the Capital Region, especially when huge, heartthrob actors such as Gosling are starred. However, Rittner can not yet reveal any details, such as when the filming will take place, where and for how long. He also does not yet know whether local residents will get a chance at any appearances or seeing any filming.

The film, which is about a motorcycle racer who sometimes doubles as a bank robber, might possibly also feature Hangover heartthrob Bradley Cooper. Girls around Schenectady just fainted in awe.

Oscar nominee Gosling has has several film successes, such as The Notebook and Blue Valentine. That, mixed with his ruggedly good looks makes him a great candidate for any movie, especially one that will be partially filmed in the area. Females all over will most likely do anything they can to get a glimpse of the star in the flesh, so we'll keep you updated as soon as more details about the filming take place.