For the first time since 2008,  Megadeth is relaunching its critically acclaimed rock festival called Gigantour.  Motorhead, Volbeat and Lacuna Coil, all personally picked by Dave Mustaine will join Megadeth on a tour that starts in January 2012.  Rumor has it that on February 1st, Gigantour will be making a stop in Albany.

Thursday night around 5pm, my office phone rings on the other end is Michael Poulson, the lead singer from Volbeat.  He was asking if I liked their new single and mentioned.. "We're going to be in your area on Gigantour"  I hear a rustling of paper as he reads off dates in New York City, Hartford, Boston and then he says.. "Wow - Look Albany New York February 1st"!!! of he says "you didn't hear that from me"

So we'll wait and see for the official Q103 announcement.  Official tour dates will be announced soon.