The 1960's Rankin & Bass classic steps into the ring today to do battle with Tim Allen's 1990's hit Christmas movie, The Santa Clause.  Cast your vote now to see who moves on!

The heavyweight of this match is obviously Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  The stop-motion classic from the 60's is one of the most beloved holiday specials of all time.  It's so beloved they usually play it twice.  However Tim Allen is also a favorite of many thanks his show Home Improvement and his work in movies over the year, movies like The Santa Clause.

It would be insane if Rudolph were to see an upset in the first round and that would leave the Rankin & Bass group left with no one in their corner.  Year Without a Santa Claus was beat out by Garfield and Santa Claus is Coming To Town was trashed by The Grinch.  So that leaves Rudolph as the lone member of this group, but I have faith in that little reindeer.

It also doesn't sit well that all things Santa have been thus far eliminated either, so Tim Allen better watch out!  Cast your vote below and see who moves on in this Christmas battle!