It's the final of round two and the winner of this match up heads into the final four to duke it out with the rest of the finalists.  So who will come out on top of this one?  Classic Rudolph, or Americas favorite fat cat?

Rudolph comes into the match up as a heavy favorite, but lets night underestimate the popularity of a Garfield Christmas.   The both happen to be favorites of mine, so we are either looking at  a quick knock out by the red nosed reindeer, or a long fight with a hungry cranky cat.

Obviously people love Rudolph and it's message of just because you're different doesn't mean you can't do great things.  Garfield also teaches us important lessons to though.  It teaches us that if you leave lasagna out then it is sure to be eaten by Garfield.  So cast your vote now for the final round two match!