I never was a big fan of Rosie, for some reason I thought all she did was sit behind a desk talking loud shooting koosh balls at people. But this video is pretty good.

I love religious psychos out on the street just yapping off solid Jesus game into a bull horn like no bodies business. With out them It would be quite and awkward walking out of a concert and not to mention if they weren’t there I wouldn’t have a clue that I was really going to hell.

Also how precious is Rosie in this situation? I said I’m not a fan but she has won me over a few times in past Ren and Stimpy episodes, curb your enthusiasm and now on the street talking to this self proclaimed profit. Responding to the line “Go home and do the dishes” with “I’ll go home and fuck wife” is both funny and true. However, imaging Rosie O’Donnell having sex kind of horrid and takes the humor away, but you have to try and look past that.

Also who is this guy? Does he not know who Rosie O’Donnell is? Does he really think she doesn’t own a dish washing machine or at the very least a fleet of attractive Mexican women to do all her dishes for her…naked?