Who said chivalry is dead? This guy Michael Lee Gatewood-Brown of Des Moines is a class A charmer when it come to taking care of the ladies. After a recent break-up, Gatewood-Brown found the perfect way to win back the love of his gal.

“Gatewood-Brown and his ex-girlfriend reportedly agreed to meet at a Des Moines miniature golf course to exchange items they had left at each other’s homes.

Gatewood-Brown gave the victim a few items, then went back to his car and grabbed a jug from the passenger seat, authorities said. He threw the contents of the jug, which smelled like gasoline, in the victim’s face, police said.” - blogs.desmoinesregister

The mixture consisted of hot sauce, eggnog and WD-40. Now to an outsider that sounds like horrible act of violence. However, what you don’t know is those liquids are 3 of the girls favorite things. Outrageous childish act of violence or super romantic gesture?