40 bands in 3 days!  Its called "Rock On The Range" America's Rock Festival and featured a who's who in the rock world.  There were many great performances.  Alter Bridge, Hollywood undead, and Escape the Fate rocked Columbus Ohio but fell short to these five bands of top performers for the weekend.

5.  Egypt Central- With a set that mostly consisted of new material from their upcoming release, White Rabbit, the Memphis quartet rocked a high energy, non stop, from begining to end, good ol' rock show.  Check out "You make me sick" and "White Rabbit"

4. Avenged Sevenfold- Even with M. Shadows recent vocal problems, A7X put on a great show complete with fireworks, and plenty of pyro.  He also informed the crowd before "So Far Away" that R.O.T.R '09 was the last U.S show that the late Jimmy 'The Rev" Sullivan played with the band and that R.O.T.R will always have a special place in the hearts of the A7X family.  Set highlights were "Critical Acclaim" and "So Far Away"

3. Steel Panther- Take four guys with a love for heavy metal and the '80's, non-stop partying, girls, spandex,  and a few of David Lee Roth's signature moves and you get Steel Panther.   Every song was great and in between every song was like a rated-r comedy show.  Check out "Community Property" and "Death to all but Metal"

2. Black Label Society- Seven songs and a guitar solo was not enough for me.  I wanted more B.L.S after the final notes of "Stillborn".  Zakk Wylde is a guitar god!......p.s come to albany!  Set highlights "Overlord" and "Stillborn"

1. Korn- They had non-stop energy, great sound, played old material,  new material,  even covered parts of Metallica's "One" and Queens "We will rock you" in addition to a six song medley of past hits which is why Korn takes home the #1 spot of performances at R.O.T.R 2011.