Rock on the Range is a officially a week away! It's also a week away until my birthday (hint, hint)! I'm going to Rock on the Range for my second time, and will make sure to get the greatest coverage of the show. If you don't know who's going by now, there's over 40 bands of music's hardest rockers.

I'll have my camera on my me and I'll make sure to videotape some great moments taking place for you guys. I can't promise live coverage as I won't have my laptop with me at the show, but it will hopefully be up later at the end of each night.

Also, I want everyone from the Albany area to find both Q-Tease Heather and I at the show if you are going. We want pictures with all of Albany's hardest rockers. A few Albany listeners found us last year, so this is the mission for everyone again. The pictures will also go up on the blog! Don't forget, I'm blond now!

Just a side note, it always rains on my birthday. So if you're going, bring an umbrella for Saturday the 21st just to be safe.  This actually applies to wherever you are that day. Trust me, you'll most likely need it.