Having a little trouble figuring out what to get the rock fan this holiday season? Well rest easy because as a rocker, I have compiled a list of things that I wouldn't mind seeing under the tree this season. Sure you can go the music route, but there are other options that the rock fan would like and that includes books, DVDs and gadgets too. So feel free to take this list of ideas and run with, because the rock music fan in your life will for sure appreciate it.

  • Tony Iommi: My Journey through Heaven and Hell with Black Sabbath

    This is an awesome book, and whether you are a Sabbath fan or not you will love this. It's a journey through the life of Tony Iommi before during and after Black Sabbath. Rock bios are always an interesting read and Iommi's is currently sitting near the top of the NY Times best seller list. A great idea this holiday season. The book is available in stores on online through Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

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  • Conan The Barbarian

    A remake of the Arnold classic is a must for anyone who enjoys a good action flick. If you are like me, then rock music and action go hand in hand. This is a great stocking stuffer. Lacking in plot a little bit, but no shortage of ass kicking. Get it on Amazon.

  • Mastodon: The Hunter Limited Edition Package

    If you are a fan of southern heavy metal rockers Mastodon, than this limited edition pack of their latest album, 'The Hunter' is for you. It includes the album complete with a number of bonus tracks, DVD and a limited edition poster. It's only available at on the Mastodon website, so order before it gets to late.

  • God Bless Ozzy Osbourne

    It's a DVD that every Ozzy fan should pick up, and makes for a great Christmas gift. A documentary that was done by Ozzy's son Jack. it has never before seen interview footage plus interaction with Ozzy's family. A great rock-umentary. Pick it up on Amazon.

  • Slash: Live Special edition

    It's a deluxe edition of 'Made in Stoke' that features two discs of music plus an exclusive DVD. Trust me, it's enough to hold you over until the new Slash solo record is out sometime next year. Amazon will for sure have it to you by Christmas day.

  • Gigantour Tickets

    February 1st Dave Mustaine brings Gigantour to the Albany area and this year he has Motorhead on the bill. Danish rockers Volbeat and Italy's Lacuna Coil will also be there. Tickets to this Q103 presents show are available now. Stick them in the stocking for a nice surprise this year.

  • iPhone 4

    Let's be honest, who doesn't want a new iPhone? If you are getting someone and iPhone for Christmas then congratulations on your success and can we be friends? I would like one. Put you music on it, get a billion different apps and look cool fiddling around with your touch screen. You can get it on Amazon, but you should probably check it out with your cell phone provider.

  • Call of Duty MW3

    Besides Skyrim, this is the hottest video game out there. It's available for all the major systems and if you haven't already been up for months playing it then Christmas may be the perfect time for it. Available now on Amazon.

  • Disturbed: The Lost Children

    It's a collection of B sides from Disturbed. Hear never before released tracks that date all the way back to their debut album 'The Sickness'. The perfect gift for a Disturbed fan, and will complete their collection. Grab it on Amazon now.