As Tigman and I discussed during the "Rock Girl Weekly Update" this past Friday, I stumbled upon a recipe this year, and figured it would be perfect to try for this weekend.  I honestly can't recall where I got the recipe from- I happened to see it on a social media post- and I do not in any way take credit for this recipe.  I just started drooling the second I saw it.  So here is a photo description of my attempt at the recipe (from what I remembered of it), with the directions I followed, and how my 'cheese-stuffed, Doritos crusted chicken' came out:

what I needed:  A bag of Doritos, 2 chicken breasts, a block of cheddar cheese, 3 eggs, 1/4 cup of milk, and about a cup of flower,.

1) I love ALL kinds of Doritos (or chips. or food for that matter). So I decided to make two crusted chicken breasts.  One crusted in regular Doritos, the other in Cool Ranch flavor.  I made a sandwich bag of each, and crushed them all up.  These are what I used to crust the chicken.  I poured each bag of crumbs into separate bowls.

2) I set up all the ingredients.  My chicken, my cut up pieces of cheddar cheese.  My eggs and milk (which I mixed together in a bowl), my flour, and my Doritos crumbs (in 2 separate bowls)

3) I cut sideways into each chicken breast, and made a little pocket of sorts inside of the chicken.  I then stuffed it all up with my cheddar cheese [I used a toothpick afterwards to hold the chicken together where I cut into it].

4) Time to dip! It feels so gross, I think there's a reason I don't work as a chef....

5) Dip the chicken breast FIRST in flour, making sure it's totally covered.  THEN, dip it into the egg/milk bowl and make sure its totally covered with that.  LAST, dip the chicken breast into your Doritos crumbs, again making sure its totally covered.


6) Pop it in the oven.  I cooked mine at 375 degrees and it took an hour for the chicken to be fully cooked.  Once I finished, I let them cool a little bit, and then cut the breasts sideways into a bunch of round pieces and everyone snacked away!

As Wayne famously says, "Party on, Garth!"