A couple from Western New York left Camp Bisco over the weekend and decided to try and elude the Police while high. The plan didn't work - shocker. First, is anyone surprised that people driving away from Camp Bisco were high? It had to have been a field day for the Police. Quotas have been filled for months to come. Second, maybe put your drugs away before traveling?

The man, 19 year-old Joshua Dangler, was said to be behaving erratically and it was later determined that he was under the influence of bath salts. Yeah, those bath salts. Thankfully, he didn't try to eat anyone - that we know of.

The woman, Tisha Brice, was driving and is facing some major charges. Those charges include second and third degree possession of a controlled substance, and also charges for having marijuana.

Both of them are in jail. Brice is being held on $15,000 bail, while Dangler has no bail. Probably for the best, since he could be a potential face eater.