That’s it call in the big guns. Get me Morpheus’ number and get ready to climb aboard the Nebakanezer. These burger building robots are the start of the end.

According to daily mail there is now a restaurant in San Francisco that all the cooking is done entirely by robots. Yes robots!  Not only does this mean jobs are going to be taken away from hard working Americans but also we are now one step closer to the technology hostel take over. Think about it, if a chef didn’t like you before they would spit in your food. Now you’ll have a robot spitting in your food with their deadly anti freeze spit. People will be dropping like flys and robots will be duplicating by the dozens. You say this is one step closer to a cheaper burger, I say it’s one step closer to living in a  human container pods fighting dudes with suits and ray ban sunglasses. Robot cooks are the end of humanity as we know it.