Music/horror movie buff Rob Zombie will be releasing his fifth film, The Lords of Salem later this year and below is your first look at the film's six-minute long trailer. This will be Zombie's first film since 2009's Halloween II

The trailer was revealed to fans right before the last song of Zombie's set, as he is currently on tour with Megadeth. Note- the video was filmed by a fan at the Scranton, Pennsylvania show, so it might appear a little shaky.

According to the article, Zombie stated:

"The Lords Of Salem" is a different movie for me. I hate calling it a horror movie because it's more than that. It's very much like a psychological terror film, and it's a very different style. The other films were very in-your-face violent. This is more like a total mind**** movie, and it's just very different, but I'm very excited about it because the fans of what I've done will love it, but it's a very different trip than I've tried before because I didn't want to just go and do the same thing again — and after doing two 'Halloween' films in a row, I wanted to break the mold of anything like that — but very, very different.

For more information on the film, including a plot synopsis, go here.

What do you think of the trailer?