Pop singer Rihanna has made the jump from music to film with her role in 'Battleship'.  The movie may be forgettable to most, but what she wore to the premiere won't be.

Is that a bed sheet?  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but seriously Rihanna, we get it.  You're sexy.  Now please stop dressing in a manner that makes our head go all crazy.  We are trying to be writers here.

Now don't get us wrong, the 24 year old is stunning in her red carpet, or is that a blue carpet?  Ahhh we get it, the ocean, because of the ships and water, okay.  Whatever carpet she was standing on, she made it look better.  We were totally unaware that they even made dresses with slits that go that high.

It does seem to be the latest fashion trend though.  Angelina Jolie did it at the Oscars, and Carrie Underwood did it at the ACMs.  If women wanted to start doing this everywhere, we would be fine with it.  Unless it was this lady.  Yuck.