This video almost made me like football. If every game was edited down to the sweet stuff like this, I’d watch them all.  

I don’t know much about football. I know I hate when the guys showboat over a good play and how there isn’t an ounce of humility on the field. However, listening to this dude Richard Sherman talk smack the entire game entertained the hell out of me. It doesn’t even matter that I have no clue what 80% of his insults mean. I just like his tone.

P.S. how about that kick ass reaction to a punch in the face? Nothing can make a dude more mad than punching him in the face, only to have him laugh right back in yours. How pissed is this bro right now.

Side note: what kind of idiot starts a fight while wearing his helmet? If you really wanted to be a tough guy, then take the helmet off and throw a punch when there aren't 14,000 people surrounding you who will undoubtedly break it up before a second punch can be thrown.