A Restaurant in Pennsylvania is cracking down on noisy kids by actually banning.  That's right, if you have a kid under six you have to leave them at home, or find somewhere else to eat. 

How many times have you been out enjoying a nice meal, or movie or even just at the store and some out of control kid starts acting out?  The answer is too many.  One Restaurant in Monroeville, PA is taking action against this and not allowing kids under 6 into their restaurant.

The owner says that the small children that the customers bring into his restaurant, McDain's (which is also paired with a golf course which is what it is mainly known for) are just too loud.  Something tells me that this place may be filled with grouchy old people.  Though I know exactly what they are talking about.  There is nothing more annoying than a loud obnoxious kid.

I have said before that I wish people with little children would just leave them home.  I didn't know that this sort of thing was actually possible though.  Turns out there is no law against banning children so this guy is totally in the right.  His main argument is that you can't control the volume of a young child, but is it really the kids fault?

I blame the parents.  As much as I hate when a kid is being loud, if the parent was a bit more assertive maybe the kid wouldn't be that way.  Parents these days are too soft on their kids.  If I was making all kinds of noise and disturbing people while we were out when I was a little kid my parents would smack me in my mouth.  By smacking me in my mouth I quickly learned that if I don't want to experience that kind of pain, I should shut up until we get home.  Seems like a simple solution.

I do think that kids need to be banned from movie theaters though.  That's just rude and annoying.  Either shut your kid up or get out.  hats off to all the good parents out there that can keep their a-hole kids in control, thanks for doing your job and doing it well.

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