With all the rain that was brought to the Capital region by Tropical Storm Irene, the Gilboa Dam in Schoharie County could be in some serious danger due to flooding. 

It is not a good scene right now in Gilboa, as residents the live below the Dam have been given the evacuation order.  Heavy rains and power outages have experts nervous that serious flooding could occur.

The earthquake earlier in the week damaged the Dam wall and Governor Cuomo was looking into repairs.  Mother nature decided to flew her muscles a little bit more with this tropical storm, and now the dam could overflow into the Schoharie creek, which could spell disaster for it's residents.  Shelters have been set up for those given the evacuation order.  Here is a list of those places:

  • Jefferson Central
  • Gilboa-Conesville Central
  • West Fulton fire station
  • Cobleskill-Richmondville High School
  • Helderburg Christian School
  • Duanesburg High School
  • Schoharie Valley Gospel Church