To tell you the truth, after reading that headline, I myself, wouldn't bother to read the verbiage leading up to the video. I mean come on, you're heading right for the play button. Right?

I guess there's no reason to get into the details of a teenage boy and his battle with his penis. It's a never ending battle that he will really never win. Well, he may win every once in a while but for the most part, that thing is always ready and willing to battle. Always! He might as well embrace that devil of a body part and stare away. Who cares, you're a teenage boy. You're supposed to be staring at a cute reporter who happens to sit next to you with her mam's out for the world to see. Always!

Let's face it, this kid has bigger pellets than most. He goes in, gets his peek, decides he wants seconds and goes for it. There's nothing more to it. Penis- 1 Boy- 0. Such as life, forever, kid.