The big announcement for Q-Ruption 2012 is just hours away.  People are speculating who will be playing this year, but let us not forget about the awesome time that was had last year.

Everyone will agree that from start to finish Q-Ruption 2011 was one of the best days of the summer.  When we say start, we mean start.  The day kicked off with the Free Beer & Hot Wings Show live broadcast from the Saratoga Racetrack.  What an awesome crowd too.  Everyone came out to watch the live show, and drink, of course.  It also gave birth to one awesome Joe stunt: The Human Oat Bucket.

It was after that, that things started to get underway at SPAC for the big show. What a show it was. Not one of the bands on the bill was disappointing. The Selfish Needy Creatures opened things up. Then Egypt Central took the stage, and set the bar high for the Sick Puppies. The Puppies of course had to out do them. Their performance was actually one of my favorites.

Skillet was a band we knew would blow the roof off the place.  Good thing it was a reinforced ceiling, because they would have torn it down.  Monte really enjoyed that set.  It only set the bar higher for Five Finger Death Punch and Godsmack.  Those two bands ended the night on an awesome note.   The crowd had their horns raised high, and Ivan Moody and company brought them their metal fix.  Godsmack would finish the night with pure, no bullshit rock and roll.  A night that will not be forgotten.

The big announcement for Q-Ruption 2012 is coming Monday afternoon with Dalton Castle. Listen up for the details on the Albany areas biggest summer rock show.