Most of us can't wait for Friday because that means the weekend is about to start. You might have plans to lay around the house and do absolutely nothing and in your mind that sounds divine - However, it can actually be bad for you.

Having a relaxing or "lazy" weekend can cause even more stress on you.

According to a recent study, a "jam packed" weekend of doing things feels six hours and nineteen minutes longer then sitting on your butt the entire time.

Here's how it works out: We measure time by memories. Meaning the more things we do to create memories, the "longer" the weekend feels.

In the study, those who relaxed all weekend felt as though they didn't have enough of a break from Friday to Monday. Those who actually jammed many social events in to their weekend felt as though they had a three day weekend.

TV neuroscientist Dr Jack Lewis explains:

How long a weekend seems to last is measured by how many memories spring to mind when we look back.

If looking back at the weekend triggers a torrent of memories of being in new places, having exciting experiences and doing unusual things then this creates the perception that the weekend seemed very long - it must have been to pack in all those activities, right?

If you think back to the weekend and no memories of note spring to mind because you had a restful but dull couple of days, then it can seem like it passed in the blink of an eye.

Of the 2,000 polled in the study, those who have active weekends also felt more productive when returning to work on Monday.