One of the hottest women in entertainment right now is 'Modern Family' star Sofia Vergara.  She recently split with her long time boyfriend, which means we all have a shot!

How would you like to date smokin' hot Colombian model turned actress Sofia Vergara?  Now you have that chance?  How great is that chance?  Probably not so good, but much like in 'Dumb and Dumber', you're telling me there's a chance!

Sofia Vergara is back in the dating world after splitting with her boyfriend of the last couple years, Nick Loeb.   Now Loeb isn't exactly famous, so that gives hope for us little guys.  Plus, we would have no problem living in her shadow.  As a matter of fact, we would love to live her shadow.  It's probably the sexiest shadow ever.

At almost 40 years old, Vergara is more famous than she has ever been.  She doesn't show any signs of slowing down either.  She's been in several films, and starred in many, many of our dreams.