For those of you who dumped NetFlix when they raised their prices in favor of the cheaper Redbox, you are once again in for a price increase.  The DVD rental company has also decided to raise their prices a little bit.

Same story, different DVD rental company.  Maybe it's not as big of a price increase as NetFlix, but it's still a kick in the teeth of loyal customers.  Redbox announced yesterday that starting on October 31st they will start charging $1.20 for their daily DVD rentals, instead of $1.  In reality it will cost $1.28 with tax, so it's almost a .30 cent increase.

Redbox is still a pretty good value and they aren't increasing the price of  Blu-Rays or video game rentals which were already more than the $1 cost.  According to the Washington Post the company tested the price increase in several cities and it revealed that their would only be a slight drop off in DVD rentals, nothing compared to NetFlix reporting that they had lost nearly 800,000 customers.