Redbox, what a fabulous idea! So quick, easy and convenient, until you have to wait behind some knucklehead who has no idea what they want.

Rule # 1, if someone is just dropping off a movie, let them go ahead of you. Most people I see don’t seem to have much of a problem with that one, but it’s still a good idea to mention it.

Rule #2 is about time management. If someone ahead of you is getting a movie, use that downtime wisely by looking at the wall of movies that they are offering and know what you’re going to get by the time it’s your turn. As a matter of fact, you should have 3 movies in mind by the time it’s your turn. 1.) the initial movie you want, and 2 back ups in case they’re out of the one you really want. Obviously if no one is behind you, by all means fart around and do whatever you want. But if people are waiting, try to be courteous by making sure that Redbox remains a convenience instead of an inconvenience. I mean seriously, if they don’t have the movie you really wanted, just grab anything. It’s $1.07 after tax. Even if it’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen, it’s ONE DOLLAR AND SEVEN CENTS! If that investment means that much to you, go online and reserve a movie at The rest of us will all thank you.